Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting, October 5, 1989

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Ypsilanti Gleanings, December 1989,
December 1989
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Author: Billie Zolkosky

The meeting of the Ypsilantil Historical Society Board of Directors was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by the President Jack Miller.

Minutes of September meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurers report was read and placed on file.

Jack Miller was re-elected to be President for another year. Herb Cornish graciously accepted the nomination of Vice President, with his first duties “The Annual Dinner” November 12, 1989.

Bill EAly brought up the issue of raising dues, question about Patron's classification and would it be $100.00 per year? It will be voted on at the Annual Dinner.

Old Business: There is nothing new on the Nanry money, question was asked if the interest would also be turned over to the Museum, Jack stated it would.

The Appraiser has been attempting to have entrance to Lewis House for Mr. Greene. Jack has been unable to contact Suzanne Allen. New Contract is being drawn up-Sale will be for $96,000.00. It was voted to give Mr. & Mrs. John Barr 2 complimentary tickets for the Annual Dinner in appreciation for his efforts with the Lewis House.

Doris reported the Craft show is October 21st, she will need assist-ance on October 20th. The sign is to be placed on the porch.

Marge Gauntlett is going to have a Workshop November 3, 1 at 9:30 in the morning and another at 7:00 in the evening. Anyone desiring to attend is welcome.

Carroll Osburn suggested the Society should look into a professional director in the future. Perhaps we could sign up with another Museum and share the time. A Professional would be able to assist in obtaining new members and could be an asset to the Museum. This is in the future so we would have sufficent time to check it out.

Open House is December 10th, Sunday from 2–5 p.m. Board members should attend.

There being no further business, meeting was adjourned.

Minutes of Ypsilanti Historical Society Annual Meeting, September 18, 1988

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Ypsilanti Gleanings, December 1989,
December 1989
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Author: Billie Zolkosky

The Annual meeting of the Ypsilanti Historical Society was called to order by Dr. William Edmunds, September 18, 1988 at the First Presbyterian Church at 2:05 p.m.

He announced LaVerne Howard passed away this morning. The was a shock to everyone.

Minutes of the meeting of 1987 were read and accepted.

Treasurer's report was read and placed on file.

Dr. Edmunds gave a Eulogy in memory of David GAuntlett who had passe away recently and had given freely of many hours and years of servic to the Museum.

A Prayer was offered.

Dr. Edmunds read LaVerne's report of the progress of the past year. A ramp is to be installed to the basement so it will be wheel chair accessible and it could then be used as a meeting room.

Bill reported with considerable regret the Lewis House Board recomm-ended the sale of Lewis House. It was stated to sell to an appro-priate owner who would maintain property in its own intergrity. Requesting permission to sell to best bidder who would preserve building in its present structure. John Barr has graciously consent ed to serve as the Attorney for the sale of the house. Ron Miller made motion to sell, Mike Miller seconded, Motion carried. Jack Miller stated house in facing many repairs. Art Howard had taken care of it for many year. The Insurance and repairs are getti out of hand.

Sharon Patterson suggested establishing an Endowment Trust Fund of Ypsilanti Historical Society, a non-investment fund. Proceeds can be used to support Museum and Society. John Kirkendall, Peter Fletcher and Ben Koerber would be named as Trustees. Copies of Trust Agreements are available today and copies can be obtained at the Museum Office.

Election of Officers was held: Marge Gauntlett, Mary Miller, Rex Richie were elected and Carroll Osburn has been re-elected.

Bill Edmunds turned the meeting over to Jack Miller.

After a few words, the meeting was adjourned and every one had some delicious refreshments.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting, September 7, 1989

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Ypsilanti Gleanings, December 1989,
December 1989
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Author: Billie Zolkosky

The meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order at 7:35 p.m., by the Vice President, Sharon Patterson.

President Jack Miller was excused. 8 members were present.

Minutes of August 3rd meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurer's report was presented and placed on file.

Sharon reported Land Contract on Nanry Estate had been paid off and we should be getting the Nanry money soon!

She also reported the roof on the Lewis House needs to be replaced and Mr. Greene is requesting an amount be deducted from purchase price. Mr. Barr will meet with Mr. Green's attorney. Endowment fund is still in progress.

Doris reported we had about 300–400 Visitors at Festival Time, this was down considerably from the past years. Craft Show will be held October 21st.

Bill Edmunds made a motion a letter be sent to the Heritage Festival Committee re: The Museum was left off the Map. Consequently our attendance was down, also our hours were cut down. Doris seconded and motion was carried.

A request for a book “White Triangle” was made.

Sharon talked about seating for Annual meeting, seats will be set up in the parlors.

Reports should also be ready. A request again for the future costume room be made ready so we can use it.

Carroll Osburn made a motion to raise the dues.

He suggested:

Individual $5.00
Family $10.00
Sustaining $25.00
Business $75.00
Patron $100.00
Life $1000.00
Bill Edmunds amended motion to read Jr. member $1.00. It was seconded and motion carried. It will be presented to the Annual Board meeting and then voted on at the Annual Dinner.

Doris suggested a recognition to outgoing Board members. Suggestion from Bill Edmunds to have a Building committee for the Museum.

Page 2 September Board Meeting.

Bill Ealy suggested the lawn should be taken care of regularly.

This will be left to the new Board to take care of.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Notes from the Historian's Office

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Ypsilanti Gleanings, December 1989,
December 1989
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Author: Doris Milliman

The Silver Megaphone in the Ypsilanti Room at the Museum has often puzzled viewers. Now you will know the story.

The Megaphone was awarded to the East Side Fire Department sometime around 1865-Long before the Fire Station on Cross Street was built. The Department competed in a contest to see which Unit could shoot water the farthest with a hand pump. The Ypsilanti Station was declared the State Champion in the meet which was held in Jackson. Mr. O.E. Thompson was Fire Chief at the Time.

Hair Wreaths or Hair Pictures

We have recently received a Hair Picture from Dr. Marcia Potter which will be seen on the wall in the Museum's White Room.

Some research on the subject revealed the following information.

Hair Wreaths or Hair Pictures were a popular form of the Arts during the early Eighteenth Century and until 1890. Flowers, Fruits and Portraits were woven from Humao Hair which was mounted in a frame and often hung on a wall.

A Mourning Picture was sometimes made from the hair of a dear departed, but not always, because the supply might have been too limited.

Love Tokens and Baby Hair in Lockets were also popular.

Mrs. Betty Kerr has repaired both the Picture and the Large Gilt Frame.

Activity and Enjoyment

Would you like to serve the Historial Society?

It is a gratifying experience and help is always needed.

Would you like to be

A Docent?
A Board Member?
A member of the Administration Committee?
A helper for the Historian?
Anything else that interests you?
Just call Doris Milliman at 482–4990 and let us know.

Craft Show

The Administration Committee sponsored a successful Craft Show October 21st, when about 15 people demonstrated the Craft of their interest.

Among the demonstrstors were:

Virginia Davis Rug Hooking
Billie Wardell Quilting
Kathryn Howard Needlepoint
Kathy Campbell Lace Making
Carrie Huston Tatting
Eileen Harrison Clothes Pin Dolls
LeAnn Racine Weaving
Nearly 100 people viewed the demonstrations. The Committee furnished Lunch.

It was a very satisfactory day!

What is the Archives?

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Ypsilanti Gleanings, December 1989,
December 1989
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Author: Dorothy Disbrow

Continued from the Gleanings August 1989

Foster L. Fletcher, a lifetime resident, brought with him for the task, his wife Mary S. Fletcher, A graduate of the University of Wisconsin as a History Major. The Fletchers set up Street Guides for the oldest City directories and took pictures of sites and structures of historical significance. Mrs. Fletcher died in 1968 before the project was completed, but those that were done are invaluable in the collection.

John Burton was Ypsilanti's first black Mayor and at that time he was one of only two black Mayors in the United States. While Mr. Burton was Mayor in 1967–1968, he offered the Barnes-Ross House which the City owned at 220 N. Huron Street to the City to use as a Museum and house the Archives.

An architect did a study of the House and wrote a description of what it would cost to repair and remodel the building. He estimated $14,000.00 to which the City Manager, John Cartwright agreed and asked that the money be spent over two fiscal years. The Historical Commission, with Arthur J. Howard as Chairman, agreed and the change from the eight apartments to a Museum was done with most of the house being used as a Museum and the Archives still cramped for space.

When the Ypsilanti Seaquicentennial Celebration began to be planned in 1972, the Archives were the main place for research and more people became aware of the need for more space in that area.

After all accounts of the Seaquicentennial were settled, Bradley Harris, as Chairman of the Historical Commission and the Historian were successful in having $2,300.00 given for use in the Archives. William P. Edmunds, President of the Historical Society with the help of his wife, Councilwoman, Natalie Edmunds, obtained funds for the alteration of the last apartment in the Barnes-Ross House to house the Archives. Architect Ward Swartz drew the plans for the rooms making more space available for files and for working space. Thus Forty years Louis S. White began his collecting, the Archives are housed in pleasant rooms with an outside entrance.

The Archives represents one of the few places in the County were documents and historical material can be deposited and preserved.

The above article was originally written by Mrs. Dorothy Disbrow when she was the Archivist. It has been rewritten by Doris Milliman in an abbreviated form with her permission.

Further material to be found in the Archives:

Biographical Card File started by Louis S. White Records of several clubs in the City Many Diaries, Scrapbooks, etc. Family Genealogies Indexes to FAmily Bibles Back Copiesof Gleanings Black History File by A.P. Marshall

Letter from your President

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Ypsilanti Gleanings, December 1989,
December 1989
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Author: Jack C. Miller

Dear Members;

In case you did not make it to our Annual dinner on November 12th, all of us who attended had a great time. Our program speaker, Dr. William Shelton, the new President of Eastern Michigan University presented us with an excellent program. He was accompanied by his lovely wife, Sharon.

We honored Ann McCarthy and Arthur Howard for their many years of dedicated work to the Ypsilanti Historical Society and Museum. It is a priviledge to work with such fine people. Plans are underway for the holiday season at the Museum in conjunction with the Festival of Lights in Riverside Park and Victorian Christmas in Depot Town. Our Museum will be open for two evenings. The parlor of the Museum will be even more beautiful than ever as we have purchased a very large Christmas Tree to use in the Museum during the holiday seasons in the future.

Please watch the local papers and the “Gleanings” for dates and time of events during the holiday season.

Museum Christmas Open House

Published In:
Ypsilanti Gleanings, December 1989,
December 1989
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Author: Doris Milliman

220 North Huron Street
December 10, 1989
2 to 5 p.m.
Public Invited
Refreshments will be served
Do come for a pleasant social time amid Christmas Decorations

It's Christmas Time

The Museum will be decorated with a Victorian Theme by Kathryn Howard and her Committee. One feature of the decorations will be a Creche that was carved in the Holy Land and is loaned for display by Ron Miller.

The Christmas Tree will follow the Theme of the Museum decorations and will be done by members of the Adminis-tration Committee.

Open House will be held Sunday, December 10th from 2–5 p.m. The Museum will also be open December 14th & 15th from 7–9 p.m., for visiting those evenings. It will be festive as one enters the building through a walk of Luminaria. Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Osborn will place the sand filled bags with the lighted candles inside as a beacon of light for all visitors both evenings and on Sunday, December 10th.

Administrative Committee Report

Published In:
Ypsilanti Gleanings, Summer 2004,
Summer 2004
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Author: Virginia Davis-Brown, Chairman

As I sit looking out at the lake with the geese and their babies (who are now almost the same size as the adults), I am reminded that the summer is progressing very fast and before we know the leaves will be turning. Before I have it snowing I would like to update you on what has been going on and will be coming up at the museum.

In May we had a docents training day which helps keep the docents current on the acquisitions as well as the changes in the museum. We have a new display of gym clothes and bathing suits in the case where the underwear used to be. The mannequins have also been changed into their summer finery.

Each year in June we say, “Thank You” to our docents with a luncheon and a program. This year our program was Grace Cornish, who shared her collection of men's hats and gave the history of each style. Without the Docents volunteering their two hours a month we would not be able to be open as much as we are. They make the museum come alive and not just be an old house with a lot of stuff. THANK YOU AGAIN!

We are fortunate to have a new LADIES GARDEN in the back of the museum. It is just getting started, but I'm sure by this time next year it will be a thing of beauty. It takes plants a little while to settle in. Thanks to Alice Calder for all her help in this area. The back of the museum looks very nice.

Through memorial donations to the Administrative Committee, we were able to purchase some new rugs for the museum. They are located in the Library, Craft Room and a runner in front of the Children's Room. The Administrative Committee receives an annual budget of $300 from the Historical Society in order to preserve displays and purchase items for historical preservation of articles in the museum. Of course there are many other things we have planned such as new lighting in the front hall upstairs which will make it brighter and easier to maintain the lights. A few years ago someone made a donation to the Ad Committee in memory of a family member. Donations like these enable us to purchase extra items. If anyone is interested in making a donation just send it to the museum and note it is for the Administrative Committee.

With fall fast approaching we are starting to think about pur “Annual Quilt Show.” This will be our second annual show and we hope you will mark your calendars. This year the dates will be September 30 through October 17. If you have some old or new quilts you would like to share with us, please contact me and I will send you the information in plenty of time. The show can only be a success if you help us out. More information will be forthcoming.

We are in need of docents. It is not hard work and any of you can do it. You volunteer two hours a month. We will train you and have you work with an experienced docent. If you are interested please contact me—Virginia Davis-Brown 484-0080.

If you ever have any ideas on how to make the museum even better, please give me a call, as we would like to hear from you.


Published In:
Ypsilanti Gleanings, Summer 2004,
Summer 2004
Original Images:

Dry Sink and 2 candle molds
Washtenaw County Historical Society

Vintage Hats, Crystal and decorative items
Mr. Dan Nissly

Mrs. Fofie Pappas

Settee, chairs, tables and lamp
Mrs. Ann Lee

Adding Machine Multi-Key
Mr. Harold Gates

Treasurer's Report

Published In:
Ypsilanti Gleanings, Summer 2004,
Summer 2004
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Author: Karen Nickels, Treasurer

The 2003–2004 budget year was most successful. Our income budget was $19,622.00. Our actual income for the fiscal year was $24,464.59. Our expense budget was $19,622.00. Our actual expenses were $21,343.80. We had a net profit of $3,120.79. The fiscal year was from July 1, 2003 to June 30, 2004.

Our income is based on dues, donations, gift shop profit, and copies made at the Archives. We had a garage sale in June which generated a profit of $2,237.10 and a donation of $500.00 which brought the total to $2,737.10. THANKS to the many members who donated numerous items. We had the best garage sale ever!

Our expense budget covers gift shop costs, insurance, advertising, office operations, archives, interior maintenance, and some yard work.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 483-8896.

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