Administration Committee Report

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Ypsilanti Gleanings, Winter 2002
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Author: Virginia Davis-Brown

Have you noticed a chill in the air? We did, and realized that it was time to start decorating the Museum for the holidays. We went to work and it is now completed.

This year we went to the Ypsilanti Public Elementary Schools asking the art departments if they would like to help us. Three of the schools, Adams, Ardis and George made 386 ornaments for our Christmas tree. It is one of the nicest trees we have ever had. We invited the children, who participated in the project, to an open house and although the attendance was not large the children, parents and teachers enjoyed our museum and said they would come back and bring friends. We thank them for their help.

We are still excited about the new kitchen, as we are nearing completion, there are still a few things we need and you will be hearing more about that later. The stove is completed and it is wonderful. Hours and hours of work by Jerry Jennings has put it back into beautiful condition. We appreciate all the things he does around the museum.

If you have been thinking about Holiday Shopping why not stop by the Gift Shop and look at the new items we have this year. There are stocking stuffers for the children and a lot of things for that special person on your list.

Our Open House is planned for December 8. I always feel the open house is the beginning of the Holiday Season. Why not come and join us?

As long as we are talking about the Holidays, why not plan on getting together with friends and join in the Jubilee this year. We are fortunate to have Joseph Pratt, who is a jazz guitarist, back with us again this year. There is more room for chairs for you to enjoy the music, warm up and have refreshments. Let's participate in the Jubilee and let Ypsilanti know that we appreciate an evening of wholesome fun that the whole family can enjoy together.

Remember we will be closed the month of January, but if you have out of town guests or would like to set up a special tour for your group please call 483-2929 to make arrangements.

From all of us at the Ypsilanti Historical Museum we wish you the MOST WONDERFUL HOLIDAY SEASON AND A HEALTHY NEW YEAR.

Message from the Gift Shop

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Ypsilanti Gleanings, November 1987,
November 1987
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Author: Marge Gauntlett

A Christmas Drawing for a lovely porcelain doll will be held during the Annual Christmas Open House held at the Museum December 13th, 1987. This beautiful 15 inch doll has been skillfully handcrafted by one of our Society members, Mrs. Christine Blinn. Mrs. Blinn has graciously donated it to the Historical Society for this exciting Christmas event. Our doll is completely and beautifully dressed from head to toe and is fully jointed.

She has a curly light brown wig, twinkling Blue Gray eyes and is guaranteed to make someone very happy. Don't miss your chance to be the Lucky Winner. Tickets are available for a $1.00 donation from Marge Gauntlett or at the Museum Office. The doll will be on display at the Museum beginning December 1st until after the Drawing. She is now on display at The Cricket Box in Depot Town.

Christmas will begin to arrive at the Museum gift shop after Thanksgiving weekend, so don't forget to support your Museum by purchasing our Christmas items. This year for the first time we will have some very lovely Christmas Cards for sale. Come and tour the Museum and visit the Gift Shop.

Message from Decorating Chairman

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Ypsilanti Gleanings, November 1987,
November 1987
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Author: Kathryn J. Howard

Once again the decorating for Christmas approaches. We need evergreen greens for decorating. So all of you trim your trees and bring the small branches to us by December 7th, so once again we can look great for our Christmas Open House December 13th, 1987.

Call 482-7081 if they need to be picked up.

President's Message

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Ypsilanti Gleanings, November 1987,
November 1987
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Author: LaVerne G. Howard

A Note from your President:

It was with deep regrets that we had to cancel our Annual Dinner. We were committed to have at least one hundred reservations but were unable to come close enough without taking a large financial loss.

Mike Miller spent a considerable amount of his time and his own money in his attempt to find a suitable place for this type of dinner. Churches and lodge halls are not too responsive to Sunday afternoon dinners.

Mike has suggested that a pot-luck dinner may be nice to have some time after the first of the year. This would include our whole membership. The Board of Directors will be discussing this matter which to me sounds like a good idea.

Please give a call or send a card to one of the Board members or to the office. Would like your opinions on the proposed pot-luck.

DON'T FORGET our CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE, December 13th from 1 to 5 P. The Board has promised us some great refreshments as they have in the past.

A lot of time, hard work and expense goes into decorating the house for this occasion. Every year we try to make it different.

The Festival of Lights Committee have lighted the two trees in from of the Museum and another ten thousand lights have been added to the park. Some of our own people have been working on this project and brings the Museum and our City closer together.

The MUSEUM will be open from 7 to 9 P.M., on December 17th and 18th to accommodate people that would be visiting the Festival of Lights Marge Gauntlett will have her store fully stocked.

Progress is slowly being made to get the Museum in number one shape. We have a great reputation that we have to maintain and improve on.

Thank you for your help in the past and looking forward to your help in the future.

Thanks to the Board Members that are going off the Board at this time; Robert LaRue; Marion Vorce and Michael Miller.

Welcome to the new Board members; Sharon Patterson; Jack Miller and Ernest Griffin.

Museum Gift Shop

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Ypsilanti Gleanings, July 1987,
July 1987
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The Museum Gift Shop is preparing for Heritage Festival Days in August. We have souvenirs of Ypsilanti and we will have a special selection of Rockdale Stoneware pieces personalized with YPSILANTI. The shop continues to carry the popular Kay Das linen towels—among them, one of a Michigan design which is very appropriate for Michigan's Sesquicentennial year.

We already carry Sesquicentennial buttons, flags and pins.

Remember–Support your Historical Museum by shopping at our Gift Shop. We are open week-ends from 2–4 p.m.

News from the Archives Office

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Ypsilanti Gleanings, April 1987,
April 1987
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Author: Billie Zolkosky

Spring is here as I look out the window, the sun is shining flowers are blooming, herb garden is coming up but oh, I must get back to work.

We are looking for suggestions on ideas for a float for the 4th of July parade, (workers too). I am sure some of you would enjoy putting your energy into building one. We would keep it in tact and use it in the Festival Parade in August also. So think about it and give me a call at the office and I shall get the information and your name to the proper chairman for follow-up.


Dues are due January 1st of each year. They are as follows:

Single $3.00
Family $5.00
Business $50.00
Life Member $100.00

Where else can you get a bargain like this?

If you are not a member and would be interested in joining fill out the bottom of this sheet and mail it to the Office or stop by the Office. Remember, Office hours-9:00 A.M.-12:00 Noon, Monday through Friday.

Ypsilanti's Heritage Festival On the Way Again

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Ypsilanti Gleanings, April 1987,
April 1987
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August 21, 22 and 23rd brings all the fun, color and excitement of Ypsilanti's Yesteryear Festival back to Depot Town and Riverside Park.

Colorful flags, tents, artists and craftsmen will line the Huron River in the park. The Franzen Bros., old time circus will thrill all comers in Frog Island Park.

Loads of activities like a horse-shoe pitching contest, Marble Tournament, a Children's Talent contest, Antique costume fashion show and free entertainment on the dock in Riverside Park are planned for fair-goers.

The Wallenda's high wire act will be a stellar attraction. The Northwest Territories Association will be encamped at the south end of Riverside park for all who delight in creative anachronism.

Parades, battles, fife and drum groups, country music, jazz, quilts, antique steam and gas engines, food-all this and more on tap for our Sesquicentennial Celebration.

Invite everyone home for Michigan's 150th Birthday.

Contact Ypsilanti Visitor's and Convention Bureau for brochures and schedules 482-4920.

From the Museum Gift Shop

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Ypsilanti Gleanings, January 1987,
January 1987
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Author: Marge Gauntlett, Chairperson, Gift Shop

Thank you for shopping at our Museum Gift Shop. You helped to make the Christmas Season one of our best ever. Remember when you shop with us you are actively supporting your Historical Society.

A special note of appreciation must be given to some members who gave extra time during the busy Christmas season to staff our Gift Shop on week day mornings. Their help is greatly appreciated.

This is Michigan's 150th year! Learn more about Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Read The Story of Ypsilanti by Colburn.
Invest in a small Michigan or a United States flag.

Cup plates commemorating the founding and naming of Ypsilanti as well as other Commemorative China plates depicting scenes of old Ypsilanti can be purchased in our Gift Shop.

Some Reminders to Museum Guides

1. The guide chairman is designated as the person in charge of sales on his/her day. The name of the sales person must be on the sales slip.
2. I.O.U.s are NOT acceptable.
3. No tax is charged.
4. There is no discount ever on Archives material.

Thank you for your participation and cooperation.

Review of the 1985 Heritage Parade

Published In:
Ypsilanti Gleanings, February 1986,
February 1986
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Author: Foster L. Fletcher

The days of the Harvest Festival are over. It was a pleasant time and there were many people on the streets. Nearly 1000 went through the Museum. Those from farthest away were a couple from the Philippines plus 2 girls from there.

A young man from Norway registered and there were two young Orientals from South Korea.

Probably the most unusual visitor was Kris Montgomery, a 13 year old boy from Dakas, Sengal, Africa, If you wish, you can figure out who came from farthest away.

The parade was again excellent with many magnificent horses. The Franzen Circus brought their Elephant which seemed pleased with the crowd and two very young Elephants didn't seem to care for the human admirers.

A solemn stately Camel walked majestically, indifferent to the crowd, followed by a Llama and a long cage of 12 or more Tigers in it. Then was a King of the Beasts, a lion, but we missed him.

Many beautiful floats and stirring Marching Bands.

We think Lincoln High School has the handsomest uniforms.

The rain held over during the hour parade but at high noon it really poured. The noise of the rain in the tent of the Kiwanis Chicken Broil was so great it drowned out the many voices.

But Sunday was a beautiful day and the good natured crowds moved easily.

The Lottery drawing was at 5 o'clock Sunday.

First prize of $500.00 went to Mrs. C. Berchtold of Ann Arbor. Second prize of $250.00 went to Clifford O'Reilly of Ann Arbor. Third prize of $100.00 wnet to Mrs. Mary Ballard of Wayne, Pa.

Thank You Note

Published In:
Ypsilanti Gleanings, August 1985,
August 1985
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The following Thank you note was received from Ellen Could.

I was very happy on May Day when I found a lovely May Basket hanging from my door knob.

The May Basket brought back many happy memories.

When I was a little girl. some of my friends and I went into the woods on April 30, to gather wild flowers. There were spring beauties, addie tongues, violets, May flowers and butter cups. Then we made May Baskets, such as the one you made. On May Day we filled our little baskets with flowers such as you did. Then w we would go house of our older friends or one who was ill or just any friend and hang it on the door knob as you did.

Then we would call out “May Basket for You” and then go hide. It was fun watching them search for us. They usually found us.

Thank you again for the beautiful May Basket. I loved it.

Ellen E Gould

Thanks so much to the committee that did so much to make these fine people at Gilbert Residence Happy on May Day.

Betty Tunnicliffe: Deci Howard;

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