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Ypsilanti Gleanings is the official publication of the Ypsilanti Historical Society. Over its nearly 40 year history, Gleanings has grown from a simple newsletter to the scholarly publication it is today. Through painstakingly-researched articles, first-hand accounts, and historical photographs, Gleanings presents a clear picture of the Ypsilanti that once was and still is all around us. It also serves as a document of the Ypsilanti Historical Society itself and its growth from a small band of devoted historians into the distinguished museum and archives it is today.

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Gaudy's Chocolate Shop

Gaudy's Chocolate Shop
For sixty years, Gaudy's was a popular Ypsilanti hangout, a hub of local communication, and a purveyor of candy known across the state.

Elijah McCoy
Elijah McCoy was an Ypsilanti inventor whose tireless research in mechanical engineering led to the registering of many patents and a world-famous engine lubricant for which no substitute could be accepted: The Real McCoy.
Photograph of Elijah McCoy, Ypsilanti inventor

William Lambie and family on their front porch

William Lambie Diaries
William Lambie, an Ypsilantian in the last half of the 19th century, kept detailed diaries of his daily activities. Selections from these diaries have been published in many issues of Gleanings, beginning with some 1864-1871 selections.



I've never heard of this outside of AADL.

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Me neither! I just found this interesting site.

This is a great site.
But why is it not readily linked from an AADL page?
You can't search for something if you don't already know its name, and know it exists.
It is easier to find the wonderful AADL historical sites through Google than thru AADL.

Thank you, Summer Game, for sending us there.

Yes. Thanks to the summer game!

I spent the first 5 years of my life living in the Willow Run Village. My family moved there after the war. My dad was a returning war vet. We lived there until I started the 2nd grade. We lived in the tiny box shaped apartment my family saved enough to move to our own new home in Inkster. We lived there until 1955 when my dad kept losing jobs because of Kaiser Fraser closing and other auto plants lay off situations. We moved to California and dad found work. When I was fifty two years old I went to a local barber to get a haircut in a small desert town and the lady told me that she grew up in Willow Run Mich. She even remembered me and my little sister sitting on the front porch. I am so happy to find this site and to read about people and their lives in that small village. I attended Simmons Elementary School. I remember how cold and snowy the winters were and I also remember walking with my dad and little sister from the store in the snow. I did not see our street on the map. Our address was 1732 Crystal Court.