Ypsilanti Gleanings, April 1981

Published In:
Ypsilanti Gleanings

Publisher: Ypsilanti Historical Society

Date: April 1981

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In this issue:

Letter of Support from Ypsilanti Mayor George D. Goodman
Ypsilanti: Its Past, Present and Future, by Charles Rich Pattison, Editor & Publisher of the Ypsilanti Commercial (1874)
Letter from George P. Becker to Foster Fletcher (1973)
Notes on "An Assortment of Ancestors", talk given by Peter Fletcher
News from the Museum & Archives
Recent Acquisitions
New Members
Typewriters & Mark Twain
Ypsilanti Historical Society 2nd Annual Antique Show and Sale
History of the Naming of the Streets of Ypsilanti (Part III), Elizabeth Teabolt (1947)
Ypsilanti Historical Society & Archives Information

Cover illustrated by Arthur Howard

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