Report from the Museum Advisory Board

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Ypsilanti Gleanings, Spring 2006,
Spring 2006
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Author: Virginia Davis-Brown and Kathryn Howard

Even though the Museum was closed during January, the Museum was very busy. The exhibits all had to be changed, the Christmas Holiday decorations were put away and it was a good time to inventory “throw away and save.” Also, we conducted one tour during the month.

We thank Irene Jameson for lending her wonderful collection of small lamps to the museum for display. Most of us never realized there were so many different kinds. It is people like her who are willing to share their display that help make the museum so interesting.

One of the four new exhibits arranged was the new Underground Railroad exhibit featuring the Aray Family generations, Starkweather home, Day, Harwood farms and many others. What chances they took! Would we be willing to get involved today?

The upstairs showcase features a display of beautiful antique china and crystal. The display of antique china hand-painted French plates are from the Michael Miller Collection.

The antique amethyst fruit dishes are from our own collection coming from the Babbitt Collection given by Mr. and Mrs. Courtland Sneiker several years ago. The beautiful ambedina pitcher and the other pitcher of cranberry glass are from Mrs. Helen Marshall. Plate and cup and saucer china are all from our collections. The bobbin lace pieces were made by Kathleen Campbell.

The two glass tables on the first floor contain an exhibit of leather postcards and a collection of fountain pens, both from Kathryn Howard's Collection.

The Interurban showcase now features a piece of rail from the tracks on Washington Street dug up when the City redid the street in 2004–2005. These exhibits were all assembled by Karen Nickels and Kathryn Howard. The Valentines of Ellen Gould were displayed during February for the Quarterly Meeting. We are now looking forward to the Art Show during April 6–23. The “Art Show Open House” will be held on April 9 from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm. Thirty-one artists have been invited to display their art. We look forward to a wonderful show as in previous years.

“Lost Ypsilanti Speaks” will start on July 16 and run through August 6. This year we will feature all new sites. The Quilt Exhibit is a few months away but why not get it on your calendar now so you won't miss it! Last year we had over 100 quilts on display. Dates for the quilt exhibit are September 28 through October 15. If you have a quilt and would like to display it please contact us.

We are still in need of Docents. If you can spare 2–3 hours per month we will train you. You will have the opportunity to meet some interesting people from all over the world.

Several tours have been scheduled through April. Our new Tour Chairman is Nancy Wheeler.

June 3rd is our Yard Sale, so please bring your ‘treasures' to the Museum. On or after June 1st you may drop them off at Bill and Karen Nickels' at 311 N. Wallace Blvd. where the sale will be held. Thank you, Bill and Karen. You can see the Museum has been busy and we welcome back the ‘Snow Birds’.