Winter 2013

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Ypsilanti Gleanings
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Publisher: Ypsilanti Historical Society

Date: Winter 2013

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In this issue...

*Ypsilanti Players From 1915 - 1957, by Eleanor Meston
*Lovely Model “Shot” in City Park, by George Ridenour
*Walter Owen Briggs, by Jan Anschuetz
*Ypsilanti Children Share Many Connections with Walter Briggs, by Eric & Robert Anschuetz
*The Ladies Buy a House – A Centennial Celebration, by Peg Porter
*The G.A.R. Hall, by James Mann
*“Cub” Berdan, by George Ridenour
*The Saga of the Men Behind “Ralphie” Parker’s Coveted Red Rider, by Bryce Ford
*Quiz Questions, by Peg Porter
*Mark Jefferson – Glass Plate Negative and Other Wonderful Things, by James Mann
*War of the Clothesline, by James Mann
*Balloon Ascension, by James Mann
*The Vietnam War Memorial, by James Mann
*Quiz Answers, by Peg Porter

Society Briefs:

*From the President's Desk
*Fletcher White Archives Report
*Museum Board Report