Fall 2015

Published In:
Ypsilanti Gleanings

Publisher: Ypsilanti Historical Society

Date: Fall 2015

In This Issue...

*In Search of the Real Rosie the Riveter, by James Mann
*The Mushroom Traffic Signals, by Al Rudisill
*The George Families of River Street, by Jan Anschuetz
*Finding George Family Tombstones in the Anschuetz Family Backyard, by Robert and Eric Anschuetz
*One Tower House, by James Mann
*Big Sister is Watching, by Fred Thomas
*Holy Trinity and the Anniversary That Will Not Be, by James Mann
*Return of Education Movie Night, hosted by James Mann
*The Way We Word, by Richard Lederer
*Incident at the Archives, by James Mann

Society Briefs:

*From the President's Desk
*Museum Board Report