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1971  (Back to top)

November 1971  


1972  (Back to top)

January 1972  


1973  (Back to top)

February 1973 April 1973

Ypsilanti's Mineral Water Sanitariums The Lady Doctors of Ypsilanti (1860-1899)
July 1973 August 1973

History of Dentistry in Ypsilanti, Washtenaw County (1842-1895) The History of Paper Making in Washtenaw County
October 1973 December 1973

The Early Elementary and Secondary Schools of Ypsilanti Letter from William Watts to his Family in England, 1836
Jothan and Aurilla Stevens Goodell

1974  (Back to top)

February 1974 April 1974

History of the King and Lamb Grocery Store Lowell: The Ancient City
July 1974 September 1974

Memories of Early Depot Town Gaudy's Chocolate Shop
Weinmann-Matthews Drug Store
December 1974  

Ypsilanti and the Automobile  

1975  (Back to top)

February 1975 April 1975

As It Was In The Beginning: An Ypsilanti Chronology The Hammond-Movius Papers
July 1975 September 1975

A History of Washtenaw Country Club, 1899-1974 Brief history of the Archives, Historical Society and Museum
November 1975  

Memories Mingle with the River
Who Was Elijah McCoy?

1976  (Back to top)

January 1976 March 1976

Ypsilanti Players from 1915-1920
Ypsilanti Players from 1920-1957
"As It Was in the Beginning" (Part I)
November 1976  

"As it Was in the Beginning" (Part II)  

1977  (Back to top)

May 1977 November 1977

"O Pioneers"
The Willow Run Settlement
Lest We Forget: James M. Curtia
From the Presbyterian Church Records

1978  (Back to top)

March 1978 September 1978

Excerpts from the Diaries of William Lambie Story of the House at 220 North Huron Street
Articles from Historic Ypsilanti Newspapers
Starkweather Religious Center
December 1978  

Remembrance of Things Past
Florence Babbitt and the Babbitt House
The Horatio Blackmore Lewis Family

1979  (Back to top)

February 1979 April 1979

Letters of James Heron
Letter from Frank T. Emerson
Bits and Pieces from the Archive
The Early Elementary and Secondary Schools of Ypsilanti
October 1979 December 1979

Early History of the Banks in Ypsilanti Christmas about 1904
"Fire at Ypsilanti" from the Michigan Argus, February 3, 1860
One of the First Settlers