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1980  (Back to top)

February 1980 April 1980

Chronological History: Civil War up to 1880
A Review of Some Events at the Museum in 1979
Chronological History: Civil War to 1880 (Part II)
They're Still Talking about that Cyclone
An Interesting Document from the Archives
June 1980 October 1980

My Life in Ypsilanti
Christmas 1969
Story of Conscription Order of 1865 and How it was Met by Men of Canton Township
Becker House, 601 W. Forest Avenue
Reminiscences of Charles Fleming
Fred J. Bergin, Pianist & Orchestra Leader
Letter from D. Gairdner to R. Campbell (1837)
Ypsilanti History Begins in Godfroy Trading Post
Jay J. Seaver, Our Oldest Member

1981  (Back to top)

February 1981 April 1981

High School Compositions from Students of Ypsilanti Seminary (1848)
Great Meteoric Shower of November 14, 1833
200 Years Ago...It Wasn't Easy
Naming of the Streets of Ypsilanti (Part II)
They Board at $1 a Week: from the Ypsilanti Sentinel Commercial, January 30, 1902
Ypsilanti: Its Past, Present and Future
Letter from George P. Becker to Foster Fletcher
Notes on "An Assortment of Ancestors"
Naming of the Streets of Ypsilanti (Part III)
July 1981 October 1981

Ypsilanti: Its Past, Present and Future (Part II)
Hawkins House (216 West Michigan Ave)
Notes on the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival
Mayors of Ypsilanti, Part I
Ypsilanti: Its Past, Present and Future (Part III)
Challenge of the 80's
December 1981  

Sketch of the Life of E.M. Foote
1893 Letter from Mr. C.S. Woodard, Surveyor

1982  (Back to top)

February 1982 May 1982

The Mayors of Ypsilanti, Part II
Do You Know Your Ancestors?
Mayors of Ypsilanti, Part III
Early History of the Town of Lima
August 1982 October 1982

Early History of the Town of Lima, Part II
Note on the marriage of Miss Lizzie Quirk from the Ypsilanti Commercial (June 20, 1877)
William Lambie Chronicle of Journey to Ypsilanti
Francis Lambie Waste Book
Mayors of Ypsilanti, Part IV

1983  (Back to top)

January 1983 April 1983

William Lambie's Diaries 1872-1874
Letter to the Ladies Library Association (1893)
William Lambie's Diaries, 1875
October 1983 December 1983

Chronology 1875-1876

1984  (Back to top)

February 1984 June 1984

Vett Noble of Ypsilanti: Clerk for General Sherman
Vett Noble's Handwriting
Chronology 1877
October 1984  

Chronology 1839-1912
William Lambie's Diaries, 1876

1985  (Back to top)

February 1985 April 1985

Chronology 1878-1880
William Lambie's Diaries, 1877
A Henry Distin Cornet
Chronology 1881-1883
William Lambie's Diaries, 1878
August 1985 October 1985

Chronology 1884-1886
William Lambie's Diaries, 1879
Demetrius Ypsilanti (1793-1832)
Chronology 1887
William Lambie's Diaries, 1880

1986  (Back to top)

February 1986 June 1986

Chronology 1888
William Lambie's Diaries, 1881
Review of the 1985 Heritage Parade
William Lambie's Diaries, 1882
October 1986  

William Lambie's Diary, 1883
Dawson Letter
Have you Noticed?

1987  (Back to top)

January 1987 April 1987

Names & Dates in the Lambie Diary
William Lambie Diary, 1884
Have You Noticed This Monument?
The Great Bell of St. Luke's
William Lambie Diary, 1885
Did You Know?
July 1987 November 1987

Have you Noticed? History of Ypsilanti Electric
Lambie Diary, 1886
Message from the Gift Shop

1988  (Back to top)

January 1988 April 1988

Michigan Ave - Old Chicago Rd Historical Marker
William Lambie Diary, 1887
Have you noticed?
William Lambie Diary, 1888
Recipes from the YHS's Scrapbook Cookbooks
July 1988 October 1988

Historical Marker: Michigan's Interurbans
William Lambie Diary, 1889
Tribute to the Michigan Historical Commission
1888 & 1889 in Ypsilanti: Items from The Chronicle, Ypsilanti's Newspaper
The Ypsilanti Nomads
William Lambie Diary, 1890

1989  (Back to top)

January 1989 April 1989

The "Real McCoy" of Ypsilanti
Toll Gate - Summit Farm
Lincoln High School History 1924
1888 & 1889 in Ypsilanti: Items from The Chronicle, Ypsilanti's Newspaper
William Lambie Diary, 1891
Council Proceedings Excerpts (1899)
William Lambie Diary, 1892
How Did Our Town Get Its Name?
August 1989 December 1989

History of Markers at Cross Street Bridge
What is the Archives?
William Lambie Diary, 1893
What is the Archives?