Published In:
Ypsilanti Gleanings, January 1983,
January 1983
Original Images:

Mr. & Mrs. Max J. Bielenberg Detroit, MI
18 sugar sacks
Comforter Cover, pieced and embroidered
Brown wool shawl
2 salt sacks
1 pr curtains, scrim panels, lilac embroidery
1 muslin petticoat
9 plain cloth sacks
Folding shopping bag

Michael Miller Ypsilanti, MI
Lady's large black collar, cut work
Black wool cape, ruffle and beading at neck
Edging, black satin with 1 embroidery

Mrs. Graeme Conrad Ypsilanti, MI
Series of 12 photos of the American Legion Parade 1930.
9 photos of boats on Lake Michigan and the Toonerville Trolley.

Mr. & Mrs. Max J. Bielenberg Detroit, MI
“Starlet Doll” in original box.
Man's wool bathing suit, 1920's, crimson top and black bottom, by Princeton Woolen Co., Philadelphia, PA. New.
2 pair pink bloomers
Table runner, fillet crochet
2 8 madeira doilies
16 battenberg doily
10 teneriff doily
1 cotton tray cloth, crochet edging
3 table covers, 1 Mexican drawn work, 1 embroidered and inlaid with lace.
Baby quilt, pink. Patched and embroidered.
2 hats. 1 black straw with black and pink satin ribbon trim, 1 blue straw with white flowers.
Mickey Mouse comic book. Dell Comic, No. 29.

Mrs. J.J. Woods Ypsilanti, MI
Osborne's Ideal Directory of the City of Ypsilanti, Michigan 1917.

Mrs. Charles K. Bohn Ypsilanti, MI
Portrait and Biographical Album of Washtenaw County, Michigan, Biographical Publishing co. 1891.
“Detroit Edison Company, Twenty-five Years 1903–1928”
“The Presbyterian Church, Ypsilanti, Michigan, One Hundredth Anniversary of the present building 1857–1957”
2 programs American Legion, Ypsilanti's Cavalcade of America, July 4, 1940.
8 page graphic section, Detroit Free Press, Feb. 1, 1942. Special Edition: Henry Ford Builds Bombers at Willow Run.
Clipping Ypsilanti Press, Sept. 5, 1976. “Bennett's Castle”
2 copies Press January 23, 1954, “Fire Destroys Press Building”
1952 Brochure “Architectural Work and Designs by R.S. Gerganoff, Architect.
New Historical Atlas of Washtenaw County, Michigan, illustrated, Everts & Stewart 1874.

Estate of Joseph R. Knoll Ypsilanti, MI
Complete World War II winter uniform, United States Army.
Pack containing canvas ground cover, dated 1945.
Mr. Frank Knoll of Bay City, Michigan has deposited his brother's lifelong collection of model ships to the Ypsilanti Historical Society. The collection is extensive, containing 36 ships and representing a history of seafaring vessels. A complete listing is available at the Archive Office.

John Woodruff Naples, Florida
Ypsilanti “The Sentinel” C. Woodruff Editor. 3 issues-February 23, 1884, April 10, 1861 and May 21, 1856.

Dorothy Wiard Patt Lancaster Ypsilanti, MI
Red wool surge dress with train, trimmed in woven paisley.
(dress beloged to Hannah Field who was married to Lyman Wiard at Ononodaga Hill on June 13, 1830. She was born at Booville, N.Y. 1805. Moved to Ypsilanti in Nov, 1833, on a farm later called Wiard Rd. east of the City. She died November 12, 1885. Dress is approx. 150 years old.)

Mr. A.L. Lancaster Ypsilanti, MI
Mickey Mouse Movie Stories by Staff of Walt Disney Studio, 1931, Walt Disney Productions, LTD.
American Speaker, compiled and edited by Henry Davenport North-rup.

Mr. Dwight Foster Ypsilanti, MI
Wine wool pillbox hat trimmed in caracul with matching caracul muff.
(belonged to Helen Wiard b. 1881 who married William H. Foster)

Mrs. Charles Alban Ypsilanti, MI
Engraving of William H. Lay.

Lucille Langworthy Estate Ypsilanti, MI
Passport #56145 USA
The Finest of the Wheat, hymnal 1890
The Teddy Bears by Adah Louise Sutton, 1907, The Saalfield Pub. Co.
Father Tuck's Christmas Series Pussy's ABC, pub Raphael Tuck & Sons Co Ltd.
The Night Before Christmas, pub Raphael Tuck & Sons Co. Ltd.
Cinderella, Father Tuck's Little Folks Series, pub Raphael Tuck & Sons Co. Ltd.
Joyful Jingles, McLoughlin, N.Y.
Farm Friends, Father Tuck's “Alphabet” series, pub Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd.
Bird and Animal A B C
Your Dolly, Father Tuck's Doll Baby Series, McLoughlin Bros. N.Y.
Little Miss Muffet, Little Mother Goose Series, McLoughlin Bros. N.Y.
Mother Goose Rhyme Book
Child's Picture Lesson Book by Edward N. Marks, London: T. Nelson and Sons, Paternoster Row, Edin-burgh and New York.
3 Broaches. 1 silver with green stones. 1 brass with coral agate. 1 “Cherries”.
Crocheted table cloth, handwork of Lucille Langworthy.

Mr. Don Gridley Ypsilanti, MI
4 Maps “Historic Michigan” by Frank Barcus, pub 1952 HSM.
Print 18 × 24 “Blue Hill Bay, Maine in Winter” by Edwin L. Turner.
Print 30 × 22 “The Old King” by Georges Rouault.
2 Maps “United States of America National Parks and Monuments, National Forests, Indian Reser-vations, Wildlife Refuges, Public Lands and Historic Boundaries” 1964.
8 Old Time Circus Posters, 1960 Circus World Museum. 13 × 19.
2 Steam Engine Prints, “Gov Wilkinson” and “Empire State”.
Map “Natural Resources of Michigan” Roy Barron, Ann Arbor, MI. 27 × 27.
“Great Lakes Fleet Standard Colors” 21 × 30.
12 1875 “Reward Posters” replicas.
“Ypsilanti Daily Press, Golden Anniversary Edition, Oct 30, 1954.”
“The Evening News, Mackinaw Bridge Edition” November 1957.
1960–61 Souvenir Edition Mackinac Island “Town Crier”.
1968 Souvenir Edition Mackinac Island “Town Crier”.

Lynn Radtke Ypsilanti, MI
Pocket Diary 1908, “A Merry Xmas & Happy New Year, Chas A. Smith, 14–16 Congress St., West, Ypsilanti, MICH.”

Mr. Carl Worley Ypsilanti, MI
Program. “Morning Prayer Services 1933, First Methodist Episcopal Church, Ypsilanti, Michigan” listing those members leading services.

Mr. Stan Harbison Ypsilanti, MI
“Goodman for Council” bumper sticker.

Mr. Don Gridley Ypsilanti, MI
4 “General Store, Greenfield Village” placemats.
2 “Detroit's Civic Center” place-mats.

Mr. Rodney Hutchinson Ypsilanti, MI
3 interior photos of the Quirk home, 206 N. Huron. 1962–63.
1 front exterior view of Quirk house. Photo.
1 exterior view of Quirk Gardens and Gazebo.
3 deeds 108 Pearl St. “Ying Laundry”.
Series of 16 3 × 5 black and white photos recording houses removed by Urban Renewal Program, Ypsilanti, 1960's. Identified.
“Open Letter to Mayor Fulford” June 28, 1960. Objection to construction of Huron St. parking lot.

Mr. & Mrs. Max J. Bielenberg Detroit, MI
Large button collection.
1 pair lady's spectacles-gold wire.
Dust cap, blue calico.
1 pair tatted pillowcases.
1 pair appliqued pillowcases.
3 pair embroidered pillowcases.
single pillowcase, 3 hand-crocheted edging.
16 pequot heavy muslin sheets 81 × 99, original boxes, price tickets.
6 Dan River utility muslin pillow-cases, new, labels and priced.

Mr. Lyman Wiard Ypsilanti, MI
Powder Horn and leather pouch for powder. Circa 1860.

Mrs. Carl Miller Ypsilanti, MI
Lady's compact “1933-World's Fair-Chicago 1934”. Red enamel on silver.
Lady's evening purse, black with gold and silver brocade. Clasp brass “King Tut”.
Xerox copy “Physical Training Demonstration, The Public Schools, Ypsilanti, Mich” April 9, 1923.
Xerox copy “The Public Schools, Ypsilanti, Michigan, Calendar and Directory 1922–23”. Lists teachers and employees.

Foster Fletcher Ypsilanti, MI
Quilt rack, maple. Replica. New.

Ypsilanti Historical Society & Archives Information

Published In:
Ypsilanti Gleanings, October 1982,
October 1982
Original Images:

President...................Mr. La Verne Howard
Vice-President..........Mrs. Francis (Rene) Burgess
Secretary...................Mrs. George (Sharon) Patterson
Treasurer..................Mr. Frederick Peters

Board Members

La Verne Howard, Rene Burgess, Fred Peters, Doris Milliman, Phoebe Miller, Margaret Bemis, Linda Halhbrock, Foster Fletcher, Dr. William Edmunds, Carl Worley, David Gauntlett, Betty Campbell, Ann McCarthy and Sharon Patterson.

Administration Committee

Doris Milliman, Chairman, Rene Moran, Ann McCarthy, Eileen Harrison, Flora Block, Deci Howard, Marge Gauntlett, Ethel O'Connor, Joyce Peterson, Jean Scott and Sharon Patterson.

Miss Ethel O'Connor, Chairman of Museum Guides

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Howard, Plant Room

Ruth Reynolds, Clothing Curator

Lewis House Board

Arthur Howard, Chairman and Treasurer, Evangeline Lewis, La Verne Howard, Dr. William Edmunds, Secretary and Horatio Lewis.

State legislation was passed in 1957 authorizing local governing bodies (Ypsilanti City Council) to “raise and appropriate money” and help with “any activity or project which…tends to advance historical interests” of the community. Public Act 213, 1957 applies to cities and villages.

February 2, 1960, Mayor Rodney E. Hutchinson appointed the following to serve as a Historical Committee: Mrs. H. Z. Wilber, Mrs. George Ennen, C.D. Bassett, T.S. Webber, Westly M. Dawson, Harry F. Shaefer, Miss Clara Sweet, Mrs. Elson (Ruth) Shaw, F.B. McKay, Mrs. M.I. Stadtmiller, E.R. Isbell, Albert W. Brown and the Mayor as Chairman with Louis S. White serving as City Historian.

October 10, 1960, the organizational meeting of the Ypsilanti Historical Society was held in the Estabrook School.

Fall Comes to the Museum...

Published In:
Ypsilanti Gleanings, October 1982,
October 1982
Original Images:

Linda Hahlbrock and Michael Miller have just completed the “Fall Comes to the Museum" Exhibit. The clothing, the fruits of the harvest, the baskets and utensils, the sights and smells of autumn reaping are displayed for your enjoyment! Plan your visit! Invite Friends!

This Exhibit is exciting! The beautiful woolen capes and shawls, the velvet suit jacket with braid intricately detailing the lines of the garment, the black velvet hood with beading about the face and ermine tails on the ties, and the muffs of fur and stuffed with down. The ladies in the parlor are dressed as they might have come to this house to visit, to read the Bible, to plan how to help a family in need.

The Special Exhibit Room carries out the theme “Autumn Comes to the Museum”. You will see an array of woven baskets. Perhaps some were used to do marketing, others as containers for threads and yarns, and some to insulate bottles of water. The 1912 Michigan State Normal College football team is on display and a pillow cover stitched by a loyal fan, “Waa Hoo Hoo Waa…. Michigan State…Rah Rah Rah”. Crocks and Kraut Mashers and Colanders and the Canned Bounty of the larder are all on display. Do take time to treat yourself and your family and friends to Autumn at the Museum!


Published In:
Ypsilanti Gleanings, October 1982,
October 1982
Original Images:

Mrs. Carl Scheffler Ypsilanti, MI
Black silk coat, velvet collar and trim. Circa 1910.
Cotton flannel dressing sacque, embroidered.

Miss Eileen Harrison Ypsilanti, MI
Material on Women's Committee of Ypsilanti Greek Theater, 1966.
Minutes of YHS, 1967.
Paper entitled “Interview with Judge James E. Breakey, March 19, 1967.
Program from Recognition Dinner, 50th Anniversary of Ypsilanti press, March 10, 1904–1954.
Dummy front page, Ypsilanti Press noting 25th anniversary of George Handy's career in journalism, dated November 2, 1933.

Mrs. John Barr Ypsilanti, MI
1 granite colander

Warren C. Kellogg Detroit, MI
The Chautauqua Course in Physics by J. Dorman Steele, Ph.D., F.G.S. copyright 1889 by A.S. Barner & Co.
Our Young Folks 1866 Bound edition of early periodical for children. Contributors include Harriet Beecher Stowe, F.T. Trowbridge and T.B. Aldrich.
Cyclopedia of Modern Travel: A Record of Adventure, Exploration and Discovery for the Past Fifty Years: Comprising Narratives of the Most Distinguished Travelers Since the Beginning of the Century. 1856.
History of Livingston County, Illinois 1878.
The Spell of the Yukon by Robert W. Service (undated).
Life and Missionary Labours of That Holy Man, Francis Xavier (New York: pb. by Thomas Bakewell, Paul & Thomas Printers) 1814.
History of Insects, Library of Entertaining Knowledge. Boston: 1832.
The History and Antiquities of the Tower of London with Memoirs of Royal and Distinguished Persons by John Bayley, F.R.S., M.R.I.A. second edition London: Jennings & Chaplin 1830.
City Legends by Will Carleton New York: Harper & Bros. 1890.
Five old planes marked as follows: 3/4 I. Veal, 3/4 I Birch, ½ Wallace, 3/4 flat Sandusky Tool Co. Ohio, and #146 1 3/4 flat marked A. Holland & Co.

Mrs. Wm. Bazley Livonia, MI and Mrs. Harvey Klemmer Mount For, FLA
Lap Robe circa 1850. Crocheted in afghan stitch with entensive embroidery. Colors brown, claret and rose. Lined and back in wool plaid and fringed. It is assumed Lydia McMichael Sutherland, great grandmother of Mrs. Klemmer and Mrs. Bazley made the robe.

Estate of Lucille Langworthy
Blotter advertisement from A.F. Smith & Son Inc, Electrical Contractors, 815 W. Michigan, Ypsilanti.
1982 Directory of the First United Presbyterian Church, 300 North Washington St., Ypsilanti.
Cookbook, The Practical Receipt Book by Experienced Housekeepers compiled by the ladies of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Titusville, Penn. 1876.
Baby quilt, blue and white, lined in white flannel. Made by Myrtle March Langworthy, wife of Elmer Langworthy for Lucille Langworthy, her niece.

Glen Sakriska Ypsilanti, MI
Man's shoe, high-topped black leather.
Eight apothecary bottles, found at 108 Maple in old well site. Includes “Dr. King's New Discovery, Chicago, Ill” blue, “C.W. Rogers Drugs & Books, Ypsilanti, Mich” clear, and “R.H. Kilian, Ypsilanti, Mich” clear.
3 clay marbles
18 × 22 charcoal portrait of child approximately 3 years.

Mrs. Jack Weiss Ypsilanti, MI
Girls Drum-Corp Uniform (1945). Includes Tunic, kilt, belt, hose, Busby and glengary. Jacket is red with black epilets and brass buttons. Kilt is the Brodie tartan. 5 ft baton, silver head with wood shaft.

Mrs. John Barr Ypsilanti, MI
3 hats–1 pink straw with flowers, 1 black velvet cloche and 1 natural straw.

Dr. Fred Williamson Ypsilanti, MI
American Flag 5 × 9.

Dearborn Historical Soc. Dearborn, MI
Ypsilanti Dixits 1901, 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908. 1909 Aurora.

Gordon Gable Ypsilanti, MI
Ypsilanti Home Assoc. Trearurer's Book for 1914.

Irene Hunter Ypsilanti, MI
Photo of Signal Corps, 1917, partially identified.
“The History of the Macon Churches” compiled by R.E. Simonsk, poster of the Clinton-Macon Circuit 1933–34.
Ford at Fifty 1903–1953. Simon & Schuster Inc., New York 1953.
1916 Aurora.

Mrs. F. Albert Walton Ypsilanti, MI
Complete set of “Post Card Collectors Magazine” 7 volumes, Index for vol 1–5. Postcard Collecting by Bernard Martin Stadtmiller. Bernard Martin Stadtmiller, died November 28, 1981. Donated on his birthday, August 13, 1982 by his sister.

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Schaeffer Ypsilanti, MI
3 photos of the interior of home at 730 W. Forest, Ypsilanti.
Two academic hoods that belonged to Dr. L.N. Jones, President of Michigan State Normal College 1902–1912.
Brainard's Little Steps in Music Land 1903. Primer for grades 1 and 2.
Collection of clippings, photos and correspondence from Ypsilanti Players production of “I Remember Mama”, May, 1953
23 × 19 framed colored photo of horse and dray, Dryden, MI, Lapeer County, Oxford & Northern Railroad.
19 × 28 ornately famed watercolor scenic signed A. Nestor.
30 × 38 framed print of “Rite of Spring”.
6 photos of Riverbrink Park, 1902–1912.

Jerry Fouchey Ypsilanti, MI
Quart Milk Bottle from Ypsilanti Dairy with cap.
Ypsilanti Public Schools History Project Jerry Fouchey, Facilitator Ypsilanti, MI
“Indian Roads That Became Roads in Ypsilanti” written by Charleen Holly.
“School Life Long Ago and Today” written by Lucille Brooks & Barb Dykman
The Heritage Festival Plan “Pioneer History Hands-on Activities” written by Judith G. Whtie.
“Tracing your Family History” by Karen Clancy-Connell.
“Ypsilanti in World War II: Industrial, Social, and Economic Revolution” by Flora Brumfield
“Ypsilanti On the Move: An Overview of Physical Ed. Developement” by Deborah Woolner.
“Historical Locations and Buildings” written by Bene Fusilier
“Growing Up With Jessie Swaine” written by Lucretia Cregar.
“Holiday Celebrations of the Past” written by Terry Josey.
“Downtown Ypsilanti Over the Years” written by Kathy Willoughby.
“Fleece to Fabric: A Study of the Fiber Arts As They Developed in the Ypsilanti Community” by Mary Lewandowski.
“Historical Perspective: A Selective Look at the Past Through Ypsilanti Newspapers” by Ann Smith.
“Studying Your School's History” written by Mary Stowe.
“Riding the Rails” written by Jerry Fouchey.
“Ypsilanti In the Civil War” by Martha Kacanek.
“Journey Back With Jessie To the 1890's” written by Cheryl Wilbanks.
“Ypsilanti Meets New Technology: Electricity Powers the Communication Revolution of Yesterday and Today” written by Richard Lewandowski.

Mrs. Rodney Hutchinson Ypsilanti, MI
“Records of the Hertler Family from Sielmingen, Germany and the Harwood Family from England via New England–Early Pioneer Settlers of Washtenaw County, MI” by Donald and Elizabeth Harwood pub. Katz, Ann Arbor, MI July, 1973.

Ellen Thomas Ypsilanti, MI
“Grand Carnival and Fete at the Capital of the United States, February 20th and 21st, 1871” Invitation addressed to the Hon. Mayor of Ypsilanti, Mich. (Parmenio Davis was Mayor at the time and he was Ellen's great-grandfather)

Mrs. Laverne Howard Ypsilanti, MI
Clippings from Ypsilanti Press, 1967, detailing the history of the Greek Theater.

Mrs. Bancroft Brien Ypsilanti, MI
Candle Mold came from 220 North Huron attic many years ago.

Linda Atchinson Kissner Brooklyn, MI
Tin Loving Cup
20 minature spade with red wood handle
(Both items passed to new senior class at Roosevelt High School at the Annual Alumni Banquet. Linda received them May 24, 1969.)

Mary McKie Wier Ypsilanti, MI
photo of Huron Street in the 1890's, Dee Deubel Cameron in photo with the Museum in the background.

Ionia McCreatty Dixon Belleville, MI
Beaver Hat, stovepipe type.

New Members

Published In:
Ypsilanti Gleanings, October 1982,
October 1982
Original Images:

Dana G. Bain
8701 Hammerly #939
Houston, Texas

Mr. & Mrs. Brad K. Brady
211 N. Washington St. #28
Ypsilanti, MI

Lauren Sue Burk
8795 Spinnaker Way Apt A4
Ypsilanti, MI

Ann B. Cassidy
206 S. Huron St.
Ypsilanti, MI

Jennie Day
12 Trowbridge Ct.
Ann Arbor, MI

John W. Falsetta
834 Courtland
Ypsilanti, MI

David Strong Flower
2558 Traver Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI

Mary Hayden
3240 Edgewood Drive
Ann Arbor, MI

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Meeks
516 Congress St.
Ypsilanti, MI

Judith J. Neinas
2898 Roundtree Blvd.
Ypsilanti, MI

Richard and Helen Oltmanns
349 Owendale
Ypsilanti, MI

Mary L. Palmer
795 N. Rosewood
Ypsilanti, Mi

Lynn Radtke
47111 Ann Arbor Trail
Plymouth, MI

Glen C. Ross
794 E. Huron River Drive
Belleville, MI

Malcolm P. Sockinger
1311 Hunter Ave.
Ypsilanti, MI

Ruth Ann Southgate
2 Bristol Ct.
Ann Arbor, MI

Mr. & Mrs. John Warner
1706 Stephens Drive
Ypsilanti, MI

Thank You...Everyone!

Published In:
Ypsilanti Gleanings, October 1982,
October 1982
Original Images:

It is time to say thank you…there are so many individuals, our members, our supporters who do so much during the Heritage Festival…during times of crisis (minor and major) …during times of celebration. The Ypsilanti Historical Museum is indebted to:

Tom Durant for his determination to see the Museum ceiling repaired in time for the Festival.

Evie Green at City Hall who worked with us to expedite the process.

Tim Conway of the Building Inspection Department who responded to a broken pipe in the basement efficiently and caringly.

Richard Wood of the City Development Office for his advice and direction in the preparation of Grant Proposals.

Van G. Whaler for being supportive of those Grant Proposals.

LaVerne Howard who is always a phone call away, who always responds, who spends countless hours in this Museum.

Doris Milliman and Rene Burgess for a wonderful Barn Sale that brought hundreds of buyers and lookers.

Our Members who donated their white elephants, and worked, and made phone calls, and then came and made purchases.

Ethel O'Connor for staffing the Museum over nine hours for each of the three days of the Festival.

Guides who came and shared their knowledge with our visitors, especially those of you who are not regulars…we appreciated your help so much.

Nathalie Edmunds for a “stupendous” Festival, how proud Ypsilanti is of you.

Parade Chairman for the Best Yet parade!

Burgess Family for the Barn Float and Pioneer Family that made us a special part of that terrific parade.

Linda Hahlbrock and Michael Miller for preparing such an outstanding “June Bride” Display…It was so good people kept coming back to see it again.

The Art Howards and the Laverne Howards and the Burgess' for cleaning and painting and spiffing everything up for company. We could go on and on…we all deserve a pat on the back. It was well-done!

Report on the Barn Sale

Published In:
Ypsilanti Gleanings, October 1982,
October 1982
Original Images:

Author: Doris Milliman

Report on the Barn Sale.

September 2, 1982

To the Board Members of the Ypsilanti Historical Society: As co-chairman of the Barn Sale, I wish to report that we had a successful sale, due to the fact that we had a fine response from Society members for help and for articles to sell. This can be attributed to the advertising in Gleanings and to the telephoning done by Rene Burgess, Linda Hahlbrock and Ruth Brown as well as other members. Ruth called me to say how happy she was to be asked to help for she enjoyed visiting with people.

Much credit is due to Foster Fletcher and LaVerne Howard for their untiring efforts in obtaining the use of the Barn from the National Bank of Ypsilanti. Carl Worley and LaVerne spent many dirty hours cleaning the Barn to make it ready for the sale. They also brought tables and set them up. The pigeons resented the “take over” of their premises, but, for the most part, co-operated well. There was a skirmish or two with them, but we won!

The faithful members who did the marking and arranged the articles deserve a big Hand Clap. These included Kathryn Howard, Linda Hahlbrock, Thelma Worley and Elinora Miller who worked tirelessly for several days along with this writer. Ron Miller and Mike Miller lent their able assistance whenever time allowed from their other activities. The former obtained the use of the van from Bailes Pharmacy to help dispose of the few articles remaining after the sale.

Other helpers, including Frank Burgess, spent time assisting as they could to make the sale the success that it was and we are grateful for all they did. Although the project was work, we had our fun moments and certainly became better acquainted with Society members.

The Burgess family promoted the Sale in the Parade with a “Red Barn” float and their costumed family.

Twas a job well done by everyone. Thank you all.

(Doris' Report was received with applause for a job well done indeed. The final figure will show a profit of about $900!)

Ypsilanti Historical Society Board of Directors and Administration Committee

Original Images:

Ypsilanti Historical Society Board of Directors

Robert Flink 119 S. Washington
President 485-4225

Peter Fletcher 25 S. Huron
Vice President 482-0445

William F. Ealy 1419 Gregory
Treasurer 482-9733

Billie Zolkosky 1002 W. Cross

Doris Milliman 1116 Grant Street
Historian 483-3236

James Porter 1270 Hull
Past President 482-4296

Gordon Cahours 1311 W. Cross

Charles Kettles 1310 W. Cross

Virginia Davis 1351 Huron River dr.
Administration Committee-484-0080

CAthy Kemling 813 Stanley

Howard Berg 1660 Cliffs Landing

Michael Miller 39 S. Hewitt

Special Appointees to The Board

Kathryn Howard

730 Cliffs

Mary Kerr
Chamber of Commerce

Administration Committee

Doris Milliman
Grace Cornish

Marjorie Gauntlett
Betty Kerr

Eileen Harrison
Ann McCArthy

Billie Wardell
Kathryn Howard

Virginia Davis, Chairperson

Christmas Open House

Published In:
Ypsilanti Gleanings, November 1992,
November 1992
Original Images:

Ypsilanti Historical Museum Open House

Open House 2-6 p.m.



DEC. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
9 a.m. -12 noon

Come and Visit

3, 5, 10, 12, 13, 17, 19, 20
2 - 4 p.m.

Ypsilanti Historical Society Annual Dinner

Published In:
Ypsilanti Gleanings, October 1982,
October 1982
Original Images:

Ypsilanti Historical Society invites members and friends to attend their annual fall dinner on November 14th, 1982 at the Masonic Temple, 76 North Huron St., Ypsilanti, MI.

Roast beef dinner will be served by the Eastern Star Women.

Time: 5 pm
Price $5.00
Board members have tickets!

Speaker for the the evening is Robert A. Schweitzer. Mr. Schweitzer currently teacher courses in EMU's Historic Preservation Program.

"How Ypsilanti's Architecture Fits into the 19th Century Scene."

Ticket Information

Send Checks To:

Ypsilanti Historical Museum
220 N. Huron St.
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

or to

Elinora Miller
1211 North Congress St.
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Deadline for reservations (so the Ladies can do their shopping) is November 8th.

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