Ypsilanti Gleanings, Summer 2013

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Ypsilanti Gleanings
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Publisher: Ypsilanti Historical Society

Date: Summer 2013

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In this issue...

* The Gilbert Family - Part II, by Janice Anschuetz
* Gilbert House Boys Club, by Robert and Eric Anscheutz
* Named for President Lincoln, by James Mann
* Ypsilanti History in Detroit Historical Museum, by Tom Dodd
* A Sleeping Lamb for Winnifred, by James Mann
* The Saga of the EMU Hurons, by Jack Minzey
* The Washtenaw County Clash of 1930, by Erik Pedersen
* Tom Dodd - Community Leader and Activist, by Al Rudisill
* The Green Book, by George Ridenour
* Ypsilanti - Named by Woodward, by Tom Dodd

Society Briefs:

* From the President's Desk, by Alvin E. Rudisill
* Museum Board Report, by Kathryn Howard