Ypsilanti Gleanings, November 1994

Published In:
Ypsilanti Gleanings

Publisher: Ypsilanti Historical Society

Date: November 1994

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In this issue:

Announcement of Christmas Open House
Gift Shop News
Helen W. McAndrew
Archives Musings, by Billie Zolkosky
Arthur Howard: 190-1994
James Westfall
Adams School, by Doris Milliman
Masonic Temple
City Historian Report, by Doris Milliman
Administration Committee Report, by Virginia Davis
Life Begins at 80, by Norma Jean Anderson
Homestead, by Phoebe Miller
Helpful Hints
Historical Society and Archives

Contributors: Doris Milliman, Virginia Davis and Billie Zolkosky.

Cover Designs and Table of Contens designed by Arthur J. Howard.

Contents of “Gleanings” may be reproduced if request is made and consent given.

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