On the Banks of Sneak-a-Leak-Creek

George Ridenour
On the Banks of Sneak-a-Leak-Creek
On the Banks of Sneak-a-Leak-Creek
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My memories of Sneak a Leak Creek (from the 1970's)

I was very interested to read the article on Sneak-a-Leak-Creek by George Ridenour. Having grown up in the Swaine House (corner of Forest and River in the heart of Peckville - see cover article of the Summer 2010 Gleanings), it was a short walk to Clark street to enjoy hunting for tadpoles in Sneak-a-Leak-Creek. My siblings and I were introduced to the creek by some older boys who lived on Dwight Street. The interesting thing is that we always called it "Snigley Creek". It is obvious how "Sneak-a-Leak" morphed into "Snigley" (just say it quickly and swallow some letters!). Obviously, without ever seeing this creek named in writing, the name could (and did) change over the years. What didn't change were the hours of entertainment that this creek provided at least two generations of East Side children. George, thanks for sharing your memories!

Eric Anschuetz